Eberspaecher presents novelties at the Shanghai Auto Show

15 March 2017

– New compact and light-weight pre-heater system

– Innovative exhaust system for commercial vehicles

– State-of-the-art exhaust aftertreatment solutions for passenger cars

Esslingen / Shanghai, China, 15 March 2017 – Eberspaecher, one of the leading developers and suppliers of exhaust technology and climate control solutions will be exhibiting its latest technologies and products at the Shanghai Auto Show from 21 until 28 April 2017. At stand 4BB027, hall 4.2 visitors can inform themselves for example about the new Hydronic S3 pre-heater system or trendsetting solutions like the combined exhaust system for commercial vehicles. Further topics will be solutions in the area of electrical heaters and exhaust systems for passenger cars, which contribute to a sustainable clean environment.

Every second year global players of the automotive industry gather together at the Shanghai Auto Show to present their latest innovations. With its third generation of water heaters, thermo management specialist Eberspaecher will be presenting the new pre-heater system Hydronic S3 with intelligent peripheral devices. Thanks to its robust construction it impresses with compact dimensions for optimum integration into the vehicle infrastructure. At only two kilograms, the Hydronic S3 Economy is light-weight and records an efficiency increase to 85 %. Besides water heaters, compact air heaters like the Airtronic D2 are independent of both the engine and the vehicle’s own temperature regulation system. They draw cool interior or outside air in, heat it up and then return it to the vehicle interior. Air heaters are an excellent solution for all types of commercial vehicle. They can be mounted in the cab, in the luggage compartment or under the floor. With the modern operating elements they can be easily controlled. To complete a heating system a water pump is required. Eberspaecher offers reliable and efficient high-performance circulation pumps to rapidly distribute heat throughout the vehicle at all times.

The share of electrically driven or electrified vehicles will increase considerably. With its various solutions of electrical heaters Eberspaecher is showing the novelties in this area. Visitors can get more information about high voltage air heaters, electrical- and battery heaters.

New exhaust technology solutions for passenger cars
Ever lower exhaust temperatures due to increasingly supercharged and energy-efficient motors are running counter to growing demands being placed on exhaust-emission conversion. The Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology division is showing a solution with a specially designed exhaust-gas aftertreatment component. The functionality of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is integrated into a diesel particulate filter, thereby facilitating the close-coupled placement of the combined system. An optimum mixture preparation of AdBlue with the exhaust-gas is crucial in the use of an SCR system. In the shape of the new ‘tunnel mixer’, Eberspaecher is presenting a modern SCR exhaust system which is characterized by improved mixing and, at the same time, keeps the exhaust-gas back pressure low. Thanks to its new type of construction it is also less sensitive to manufacturing tolerances. The solution is available for all exhaust standards in force throughout the world and can be adapted for all OEM models.

Trendsetting solutions for commercial vehicles
The business unit commercial vehicles will be presenting three Euro 6 combined exhaust systems for heavy duty and medium duty commercial vehicles which combine state-of-the-art emission control components. These include a diesel particulate filter system – consisting of oxidation catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter. Further a nitrogen-oxide reducing system with the load-dependent urea processing and SCR-catalytics. The Eberspaecher combined-systems are compliant with the stringent limits of the standard emission and relevant acoustic regulations. Acting as an OEM partner, Eberspaecher offers tailored systems for different engine and packaging concepts. One of the company's core competencies, founded on its extensive development expertise, is custom configuration.

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