Eberspaecher showcases innovative solutions at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show

13 September 2017

– Complete spectrum of exhaust technology products and systems for commercial vehicles

– Lowest emission solutions in compact, lightweight designs

– New compact and lightweight pre-heater systems

Esslingen / Atlanta, USA, 13 September 2017 – Eberspaecher, one of the world’s leading producers of exhaust technology and climate control solutions will be exhibiting its latest products at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show from 25 until 28 September 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia/USA. Visitors to booth 4852 are invited to experience the Hydronic S3 pre-heater and Airtronic D2 bunk-heater as well as trendsetting exhaust technology solutions like the next generation 1Box aftertreatment system – a new structure that leverages Eberspaecher’s extensive industry expertise into a synergistic, compact design adaptable for medium and heavy duty trucks.

The trucking industry’s most influential leaders and executives gather this fall in Atlanta to present their latest innovations. Eberspaecher, one of the world’s leading specialists in Diesel aftertreatment is presenting exhaust technologies to meet the world’s toughest emission standards. Established as the “Go-to” solution for the majority of the industry’s heaviest trucks, Eberspaecher’s 1Box aftertreatment system integrates the Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), Diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) into one package. The next generation 1Box aftertreatment system will also be introduced at the show. It features an innovative triangular shape and offers up to a 40 percent weight improvement over other box style solutions.

Complementing the box style systems, Eberspaecher introduces its new 1Line™ aftertreatment solution. Scalable for heavy duty, medium and light trucks, this versatile device combines the DPF and SCR into a single component. It also integrates the latest compact mixing device, making the 1Line™ one of the most compact aftertreatment systems available today. The new compact mixer is rounding out the introductions. Like Eberspaecher’s entire NOx abatement product portfolio, the compact mixer is completely unbiased; it can be engineered to work well with all urea injector designs and styles.

Pre-heaters add cabin comfort for truck drivers
With its third generation of water heaters, climate control specialist Eberspaecher will be presenting the new pre-heater system Hydronic S3 with intelligent peripheral devices. Thanks to its robust construction it impresses with compact dimensions for optimum integration into the vehicle infrastructure. At only two kilograms, the Hydronic S3 Economy is light-weight and records an efficiency increase to 85 %. To complete a heating system a water pump is required. Eberspaecher offers reliable and efficient high-performance circulation pumps to rapidly distribute heat throughout the vehicle at all times. Besides water heaters, compact air heaters like the Airtronic D2 are independent of both the engine and the vehicle’s own temperature regulation system. They draw cool interior or outside air in, heat it up and then return it to the vehicle interior. Air heaters are a suitable solution for all types of commercial vehicle. They can be mounted in the cab, in the luggage compartment or under the floor. With the modern operating elements they can be easily controlled.

Extensive expertise and custom configuration
From engineering through manufacture of the products, Eberspaecher focuses on the detail, acting as a partner to engine manufactures and OEMs globally to offer systems tailored for different engine and packaging concepts, and delivering the right solution for every customer need, everywhere.

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About Eberspaecher:
The Eberspaecher Group is one of the world´s leading system developers and suppliers of exhaust technology, vehicle heaters and bus air conditioning systems. Eberspaecher is also a professional innovation partner for the automotive industry in air conditioning of special-purpose vehicles and in automotive electronics. Customers include almost all European and North American, and increasingly more Asian manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In 2016, the internationally positioned group, with more than 9,000 employees, posted sales of over 4.3 billion Euros.