Газовый воздушный отопитель Webasto NGW 300.01 24 вольт

Артикул 87789C

159 770 руб.

Модель подогревателя NGW 300 создана специально для спецтехники и автобусов, работающих на сжиженном газе (метане). Экологичный подогреватель не выделяет в воздух продуктов сгорания, является безопасным и эргономичным. Устройство работает по принципу газовых конвекторов.

В интернет-магазине Климатика Рус вы также сможете найти автономные отопители всех видов - воздушные и жидкостные, на бензине или на дизельном топливе.

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About Webasto

The German brand Webasto produces a wide range of high-quality heating equipment, as well as accessories for cars. The company was founded in 1901 and since 1930 has been confidently holding its first position in the automotive equipment market. The quality of Webasto products has been repeatedly confirmed by Russian and European certificates.

Webasto pre-heaters and heaters have gained popularity in Russia - especially in cold regions of the country with long winters. Webasto remains one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment worldwide. The company has representative offices and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries with headquarters in the city of Stockdorf in the Munich area. All preheater models are made in Neubrandenburg, Germany.

In Russia, a representative office appeared in 1997. Since 2000, a subsidiary Webasto Rus has been opened, which has its own service center and spare parts warehouse. There are also Webasto representative offices and branches in most constituent entities of the Russian Federation, a scheme has been debugged for providing the regions with spare parts, components and technical support.

Throughout the company's history, Webasto has offered the most high-tech climate optimization solutions in cars. The first dependent prestarting heaters were launched by Webasto back in 1935, and in 1948 the first prestarting heater for buses was launched. In the late 1960s, Webasto developed a range of autonomous engine pre-heaters for cars. Modern prestarting heaters manufactured under the Webasto brand comply with all the most stringent safety and quality requirements.

Air heaters

In regions where cold weather prevails over heat, car operation does not always remain simple and enjoyable. And, not so important, we are talking about personal transport or commercial transportation - the nuances associated with the heating of the car are quite everywhere.

What to do if on the way “the stove does not heat”, and an impermissibly long time is spent on daily heating of the machine and cleaning the glass from ice? If shipping is required that needs to be kept warm? Do you have to burn fuel during parking for comfort in the cab?

The KAMAZ engine at idle can “eat up” up to 8 liters of fuel per hour. And, in fairness, the situation with imported heavy trucks is not much better. Just imagine what kind of money literally “flies into the pipe” during the night parking (especially in the cold!).

Usually warming up a car and special equipment in winter greatly simplifies the installation of a pre-heater. Remotely controlled, it really allows you to save diesel or gasoline at startup, but it does not always solve the problem of heating the cab. In other words, if you drive a car and it becomes more comfortable, then spending the night in it can still be quite uncomfortable and even dangerous to health.

Air heaters in Climatics Rus

That is why it is better to install an autonomous air heater in the cabin. "Autonomy" works on the principle of a hairdryer, sucking cold air from the environment into the combustion chamber and transferring heat to the cabin or cargo compartment of the vehicle. Warm air does not dissipate during the circulation process, as is the case with a pre-heater, so even 4 kW is enough for high-quality heating of the cabin. Fuel consumption, at the same time, even according to the most conservative estimates, will be 40 times less than at idle.

Another plus of the air heater is that it works almost silently. It does not distract the driver while driving, does not interfere with sleep - therefore, it can be safely turned on during night parking - all the more so because the "autonomy" is completely safe and environmentally friendly. For her work does not need a constantly running car engine.

In addition, air heaters are in no way inferior to liquid heaters in interactivity. The thermal conditions are regulated by the control panel, the driver always has the opportunity to set a timer, according to which the heating will turn on or off. All these functions make it more convenient and easier to transport perishable goods that require a certain thermal regime - fruits, flowers, vegetables.

In the catalog “Climate Rus” you can easily find a wide selection of heaters operating independently of the engine, and buy a domestic or imported “autonomy” that is suitable for your vehicle in terms of parameters. Many of these models are sold with the mounting kit. We offer Webasto air heaters - and other well-established brands - delivered within one day. The company's specialists are ready to help you with the installation and maintenance of any heating equipment.