Отопитель воздушный Webasto Air Top Evo 55 12 вольт бензин

Артикул 9032725A

84 600 руб.

В этой модели высокая мощность (5,5 кВт) сочетается с пониженным уровнем шума, благодаря которому отопитель хорошо подходит для отапливания кабины водителя во время сна и отдыха. Отопитель работает на бензине, причем при максимальной нагрузке время его беспрерывной работы может достигать 6-ти часов.

В наличии товар в магазине по автомобильному климатическому оборудованию  Климатика РУСВ наличии

Производитель WEBASTO
Тип товара Отопитель
Топливо Бензин
Тип подогревателя Воздушный
Напряжение, В 12
Мощность, КВт 5.5

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Адрес самовывоза

  • г. Самара, с. Алексеевка, ул. Гагарина, 33, оф. 10
  • 8-800-222-09-73
  • Пн – Пт с 8:00 до 17:00
    Сб с 10:00 до 14:00

Safety instructions for installing the Air Top Evo heater

Danger from live parts. Disconnect the vehicle’s power supply before installing the equipment, and ensure that the electrical system is properly grounded. It is important to comply with the installation regulations and rules specified by the manufacturer.

Observe the data on the nameplate. Incorrect installation poses a risk of poisonous gases and fire in the car - protect parts located in the immediate vicinity of the heater from heating.

For this:

- Maintain minimum distances.

- Ensure adequate ventilation.

- Use fireproof materials or thermal protection.

Follow the ADR instructions when installing the heater in vehicles carrying dangerous goods. Consider the danger of sharp cuts - provide protection.

Safety precautions

There is a danger of explosion at refueling stations, petroleum, coal, grain stores or in the presence of flammable vapors or dust. Under such conditions, do not turn on or operate the heater. In addition, in enclosed spaces without exhaust ventilation there is a danger of suffocation and poisoning by exhaust gases.

Do not block the outlet of heated air, remove combustible materials from the stream of heated air - they create a fire hazard.

A clogged cold air inlet (or heated outlet) can cause overheating. To prevent damage to the heater, protect the cold air inlet and heated air outlet from dirt and obstruct them with foreign objects. < / span>

It is forbidden to operate the heater without the cover of the control unit. Do not allow mechanical stress on the heater - falls, shock, shock, and do not put heavy objects on the heater, do not step on it.

After turning off from the control panel, the heater continues to work for about 240 seconds (coast). It is important to always turn off the heater from the control panel and only after the coast is completed. If there is a battery disconnector or an emergency switch, then turn off the heater only in case of danger.