Газовый Отопитель Webasto GBW 300.03 24 вольт

Артикул 11117855A

347 825 руб.

Длительные переезды в условиях холодного климата не идут на пользу ни водителю, ни автомобилю. Автономные воздушные отопители Webasto используются для отапливания кабин грузового транспорта, салонов автобусов, поддержания нужной температуры в грузовых отсеках.

Принцип работы газовых конвекторов основан на перемещении слоев теплого и холодного воздуха (конвекции). Этот вид автономного отопителя используется для обогрева кабин транспортных средств, грузовых отсеков. Они не выделяют вредных продуктов сгорания и совершенно безопасны в работе.

В нашем каталоге вы можете выбрать и приобрести запчасти для автономных обогревателей Webasto.

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Liquid engine pre -heater: operating principle and benefits

A liquid preheater is one of the types of devices that facilitate warming up the engine of a vehicle in the cold season. It can be installed on almost any type of vehicle - from a car to special equipment. A big plus of it is that it can heat not only the engine, but also the interior.

The principle of operation of a liquid heater is quite simple. The device runs on fuel, which in small quantities either comes from the main tank of the car, or from its own small heater tank. After burning the fuel in the combustion chamber, heat is released, which is transferred to the coolant, and, depending on the temperature "overboard", heats it to the desired level.

When the antifreeze reaches a temperature of 30 degrees C, the device automatically turns on the fan of the standard heater for heating the passenger compartment. Operation is controlled by the heater control unit.

In the catalog“ Climate Rus ”you can find models of liquid heaters of such popular brands as Teplostar, Webasto, Eberspacher. And also a full set of spare parts - from the flame indicator to the glow plug. They are in great demand, especially in the winter, as they help to solve many problems that are familiar to every driver.

In regions where the cold season lasts a long time, car operation can be a lot of worries. Even a passenger car is very tiring to clean from ice every day, spend a long time warming it up, while sitting in a cold cabin. Not to mention the fact that the engine plant “on the cold” inevitably leads to its rapid deterioration and irrational fuel consumption.

What gives us the installation of a pre-start liquid heater?

Time saving. You can start the heating system remotely, which means that when you sit behind the wheel, you can immediately start moving.
Cost savings. According to statistics, each motorist annually makes from 300 to 500 “cold” starts. Given that engine pre-heating reduces fuel consumption from 100 to 500 ml, it is easy to calculate that in this way you can save 90-100 liters of gasoline or diesel fuel during the winter season.
< span style = "font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; color: # 74808d;"> Comfort. Cold in the car interior not only worsens the psychological state of the driver, but also increases the risk of developing diseases - from colds and SARS to osteochondrosis. Sitting in a warm car, you provide yourself with better conditions for driving and more productive work.
Security. When starting a cold engine, the friction in it is much stronger due to the viscosity of the engine oil - thus, wear of parts occurs faster. And how many such launches do you make over the winter?
Installation of a liquid pre- heater should be carried out by professionals in accordance with the recommendations and installation instructions from the manufacturer. Climate Rus specialists will not only help you choose the equipment that is suitable for your car, but they will also quickly install, diagnose or repair it.

Webasto thermo top and Webasto Thermo Pro heater - safetyinstructions

Webasto heaters run on fuel from a car tank. The voltage and fuel supplied to the heater must be as specified on the nameplate.
Any claims will be considered by Webasto only if there is no evidence of non-compliance with these Guidelines and installation instructions, or when working with a heater not certified by Webasto specialists or using non-original spare parts.

< p style = "text-align: justify;">
Observe the standard operating conditions for automotive equipment. In particular, do not expose the heater or its components to immersion in water, mechanical stress, high temperatures (above + 85 ° C), humid air (above 95%), caustic substances, electrical discharges, etc. < br /> When installing heaters on vehicles intended for the transport of dangerous goods, the requirements of ADR 002 and ADR 003 (Directives for the transport of dangerous goods by road) must be met.

Due to the risk of poisoning and suffocation, the heater must not be switched on (including from the programmable timer) in closed rooms (for example, in garages) if they do not have an exhaust hood.

< span style = "font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; color: # 74808d ; "> At the gas station and near fueling equipment, as well as where combustible vapors and dust can form (near fuel, coal, wood or grain depots, etc.), the heater must be turned off.

The openings of the intake and exhaust pipes must be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary.

For preventive maintenance, the heater must be turned on once a month for 10 minutes with a cold engine and a minimum fan power of the car, and once a year, no later than the start of the heating season , check at the Webasto service station. In case of strong smoke, unusual noise or smell of fuel, the heater must be blocked by removing the fuse and checked at the Webasto service station.
The coolant level in the circuit must be as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The coolant must contain a minimum of 20% antifreeze approved brands.