Подогреватель жидкостный предпусковой Thermo Pro 90 12 вольт WRUS Webasto дизель

Артикул 9029210C

89 900 руб.

Код 9029210C

Предпусковой жидкостный подогреватель Webasto Thermo Pro 90 WRUS, для дизельного двигателя, имеет отопительную мощность 9,1 кВт, с бортовой сетью 12 Вольт. Расход топлива жидкостного отопителя 0,19 -1,1 л/ч

Применяемость: предпусковой подогреватель двигателя (дизельный) Webasto Thermo Pro 90 ST применяется на всех типах коммерческих автомобилей, в том числе перевозящих опасные грузы. Не подходит для легкового автомобиля.

Преимущества применения предпускового отопителя вебсто:

  • универсальная модель с широким, плавно регулируемым диапазоном мощности;
  • низкое потребление топлива;
  • функция экстренного прогрева охлаждающей жидкости (при вставленном ключе зажигания включенный из кабины подогреватель будет работать (до 60 мин) с мощностью 9,1 кВт);
  • быстрый прогрев двигателя и салона автомобиля до комфортной температуры;
  • повышенная эффективность работы за счет оптимизированной системы управления и новой технологии линейного регулирования мощности;
  • новый топливный насос DP42 - низкий расход энергии;
  • система ACE (использования остаточного тепла при отключении двигателя транспортного средства) и автоподстройка к уровню содержания кислорода в воздухе; оптимизированная установка благодаря интегрированному, но съёмному блоку управления, компактности (самый маленький отопитель в своём классе) и расширенному диапазону положений при установке;
  • герметичные разъемы.

Комплектация: подогреватель и монтажный комплект.

Работа отопителя Вебасто (Webasto) не зависит от двигателя и топливного бака автомобиля.

В наличии товар в магазине по автомобильному климатическому оборудованию  Климатика РУСВ наличии

Производитель WEBASTO
Тип товара Отопитель
Топливо Дизель
Тип подогревателя Жидкостный
Напряжение, В 12
Мощность, КВт 9.1

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  • 8-800-222-09-73
  • Пн – Пт с 8:00 до 17:00
    Сб с 10:00 до 14:00

The Thermo Pro 90 heater in combination with the standard vehicle interior heater is designed for:

With the engine running, the heater can also work in a pre-heater mode. Depending on the equipment, ADR functions are provided (for vehicles carrying dangerous goods) for options 12V or 24V. We proceed from the fact that the installation / service center has fully explained to you the operation and handling of the heater. In these operating instructions, we would like to review the safe operation again. In order to find out and study all the functions of the heater, you need to carefully read these instructions. So you can be sure that all the functions can be used to achieve the desired result and feel at the same time comfortable and confident. In case of loss of the supporting documentation for the equipment, immediately contact an authorized Webasto center for a replacement. Repair and maintenance work not described in this document should be carried out exclusively by authorized Webasto centers.

Commissioning of the heater should only be carried out after checking by trained Webasto personnel. Installation of the heater is carried out exclusively by trained personnel in accordance with the installation instructions. The year of first commissioning is marked on the nameplate by removing unused years. To install the Thermo Pro 90 heater in vehicles carrying dangerous goods (ADRs), the requirements of the "Rules for the admission of vehicles to traffic" in the current version must be additionally fulfilled.

It is not permitted to operate the heater at gas stations, in places where the formation of flammable gases or dust is possible, and also in places where flammable liquids or materials are located (for example, near fuel, coal and wood stores, grain stores, dry grass and foliage, cardboard, paper, etc.) in enclosed spaces (for example, in a garage), as well as with a timer or Telestart.

Webasto heaters run on fuel from a car tank. The voltage and fuel supplied to the heater must be as specified on the nameplate.

Any claims will be considered by Webasto only if there is no evidence of non-compliance with these Guidelines and installation instructions, or when working with a heater not certified by Webasto specialists or using non-original spare parts.

Observe the st andard operating conditions for automotive equipment. In particular, do not expose the heater or its components to immersion in water, mechanical stress, high temperatures (above + 85 ° C), humid air (above 95%), caustic substances, electrical discharges, etc. < / p>

For preventive maintenance, the heater must be turned on once a month for 10 minutes with a cold engine and a minimum fan power of the car, and once a year, no later than the start of the heating season, check at the Webasto service station. In case of strong smoke, unusual noise or smell of fuel, the heater must be blocked by removing the fuse and checked at the Webasto service station.

The coolant level in the circuit must be as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The coolant must contain a minimum of 20% antifreeze approved brands.

Before turning on the heater, set the switch of the vehicle's standard heater to“ heat ”, and set the fan speed to the slowest (in order to reduce power consumption). < / span>

< p style = "line-height: 1.656; margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt; text-align: justify; background-color: #ffffff;"> Only for cars ADR (transport for the transportof dangerous goods): The Thermo Pro 90 heater is switched on and off manually, using the switch. Automatic control is prohibited.

In vehicles of type FL, the operation of the heater during loading / unloading, or in places of loading is prohibited. For this, the signal of the generator and the signal of the feeding device are polled. In vehicles of type FL, the heater switches off automatically and the maximum purge time in accordance with legislative directives is 40s. ADR purging is performed in the following cases: there is no generator signal (D +), or an additional signal is present (for example, from a feeding device).

After the ADR purge is completed, the control unit is in the ADR blocking mode. The heater can be put into operation by turning it off and on again with the “On / Off” switch. This does not apply if the feeder is in operation. ADR blocking does not turn off if the On / Off switch is activated and the power supply has been disconnected and reconnected. A breaker (emergency stop switch) can only be used in case of danger, since the heater switches off without purging (possible overheating).

< span style = "font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;"> Using residual engine heat


After each switching on of the heater, but before the start of the heating process, the heater checks the temperature of the coolant. If it is more than 60 ° C, then the use of residual heat of the coolant is automatically activated. When using residual heat, the circulation pump and the standard interior heater are automatically controlled by the heater. Activation of the use of residual heat can be made only from the “Off” mode, that is, it is impossible to switch to this mode from the “Fault lock”, “ADR-lock” and “Heater lock” modes.


The use of residual heat ceases:

  1. a) if the supply voltage drops below the lower limit of the operating voltage,
  2. b) if the temperature of the coolant at the outlet of the heater is lower than 40 ° C,
  3. c) if the heater turns off.

If the conditions a) or c) are met when the residual heat use mode is activated or during the use of this mode, the device switches to the“ Off ”state. If condition b) is fulfilled when the residual heat use mode is activated or during the use of this mode, the heater starts automatically.

general information

For a period of up to 7 days, a start time can be set using a timer. It is possible to program 3 on-time, and only one is activated. The timer has an alarm function. With the ignition on, the timer displays the current time and day of the week. If the heater is on, the display and buttons are highlighted. After connecting the power supply, all the symbols on the display blink. You must set the current time and day of the week.